Taberna Tosca – World Meeting Point


At the beginning of the 20th century, Cais do Sodré was the meeting point of sailors around the world. Bohemians, intellectuals, spies, prostitutes, criminals, noble men and even some clericals would join them here. It was a spree area and, depending the way you look at it, of good or bad life. Around all this gathering businesses flourished to support all the revel. From brothels to taverns, you could find the best of life here.

D. Isabel, a woman from Vila do Bispo, Algarve, came to Lisbon searching for the Cais do Sodré dream: survive in harsh Portuguese times. She opened a tavern where she could give a taste of her cooking skills. Adapting her traditional recipes to palates from around the world, D. Isabel made Taberna Tosca a place of reference for all of those who searched for good food. Tosca has found her secret cook book and recreates the recipes. We found out that sometimes, innovation is in the past. More stories will come out soon. Meanwhile, good Portuguese food is already available.

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